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Painting the

Pictures of owners

Pictures of owners

Code   : P42

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Product Details

Painting letters nhanCha The circular rings moral integrity
Couples Rings from helpless children!
Anh Gia Em Rings director still fun.
Friends more deep gratitude label.
Owner: Includes training and the mental composite
"Sometimes the Rings to love
Tolerance to the way data are worries
Sometimes the perfect ring to
Sometimes destructive for finding each other "
Father Son "Rings" round moral integrity
Couples "Rings" from helpless children!
Anh Em "Rings" director Gia still fun.
Friends "label" extra deep gratitude.
What work must be "mind". When the "mental" and, to be able to keep "mind" not to hope, it affects the wisdom of reason. So the "training" on the "mind", keep the "heart" rings.
It does not mean "patient" as many people blindly mistaken. The 'patient' requires reason, but if not the "heart" made ​​me restless, impatient ...

Size 45 X 45 cm
The size and shape depending on customer requirements
These specifications are for reference only